Received a Notice from us?

If you have received an Advance, Caution or Warning Notice from us, please make note of the contents. No further action needs to be taken on your part provided that your online and mobile activities, and the online and mobile activities of your business and/or organisation, do not in any way conflict with or compromise the proprietary rights of our clients. If you have received a Cease & Desist, Information Disclosure or Litigation Notice, read on.

We send website operators and internet intermediaries legal notices on behalf of numerous rights holders.  In every case, we undertake a detailed investigation on behalf of our clients prior to sending a notice.  In most cases, infringers who respond expeditiously to our notices and refrain from repeat infringement of our clients' rights do not suffer any further legal consequences.

  • If you have received a notice about a website you own, either directly addressed to you or forwarded to you by a service provider, it is essential that you take action on it expeditiously.

  • If you require any additional information regarding the infringing content in question or your obligations and responsibilities relating to this content, you may email us at legal [@] copyrightintegrity [.] com specifying the Case Reference of the notice in the subject of your email.

  • If you are a service provider and require further information on the violations reported in a notice, please first suspend the account(s) in question and write to us at escalation [@] copyrightintegrity [.] com.

  • If you believe you have received a notice in error, please write to us at legal [@] copyrightintegrity [.] com specifying the Case Reference of the notice and providing information supporting your claim.

  • If you seek clarification on the consequences of copyright or trademark infringement please seek independent legal advice.

  • All cases of infringement are investigated and documented fully. Your failure to respond appropriately to a legal notice may have serious implications on your legal position in any resulting civil and/or criminal litigation.