Online Content Piracy

CII’s Content Integrity Service is specifically designed to protect copyrights on behalf of content providers on the internet.  Our highly trained team of lawyers, technologists and forensic web analysts is exclusively focused on the protection of valuable intellectual property across a range of internet and mobile platforms.  Our location, resource structure and flexibility ensure that we are able to offer outstanding service cost-effectively.

The CII approach to the threat posed by piracy is multi-faceted, ranging from the proactive enforcement of the legal rights of copyright holders through to education of consumers via publishing and representation at international conferences and forums.  We have extensive experience and relationships with a wide range of online service providers and internet stakeholders.

Robust and proactive protection of the intellectual property of copyright holders is the bedrock of commerce in both the digital and analog worlds. CII is armed with the expertise and resources to effectively address the burgeoning threat of piracy and to protect the valuable assets of content rights holders.